About Penguincoder

Who is PenguinCoder?

Programmer; network and systems administrator; web developer; Linux geek.

I design elegant solutions to complex problems.

I am PenguinCoder.

As an avid programmer with a passion for open source and the GNU/Linux platform, I have experience with a variety of programming languages, cross platform development, and various operating systems. A brief overview of my skills include:

  • Python- (Web: Django,Plone), (Application: Stand-alone, PyQT4, Twisted, ReportLabs)
  • HTML/CSS/PHP- (Web: CSS 2-3, XHTML, HTML 4 Transitional, PHP 5.3+)
  • C++- (Application: Stand-Alone, QT4, Boost)
  • Other scripting- (Lua, AutoIt3, bash, Powershell)
  • Linux- (CentOS and Debian Linux, (AppArmour, SELinux))
  • Networking- (Cisco and Force 10 equipment, SAN storage, VMWare)
  • VoIP- (FreePBX, Asterisk, PolyCom phones)

Though I have experience with many aspects related to Information Technology, networking and Linux servers, focusing on security aspects. Many of the work projects I have developed are closed source, industry specific applications and cannot be shared directly. Other personal projects I take on are either snippets of code used to enhance my daily job functions, or as a hobbist expanding my knowledge. I am usually always looking to take on rewarding and challenging projects. I find creating elegant solutions to complex problems a very rewarding and worthwhile goal, both in personal projects and work projects. With regards to website creation and design, I lean towards the underlying structure, the back-end web development over designing layouts or page elements.
For more information or potential recruitment, please contact me for my resume.


Web Design


Mygeneral musings

Slow updates

Not many updates here lately, because I've been busy. That and, I haven't had much to update this site with. I wish I could post more of my code , but so much of what I write is just not able to be shared. I'm looking for a potentially better job that would allow me to share more of my code, especially by contributing to open source projects. So, if you know of one, certainly please let me know!

Reloaded blazons

My heraldic blazon images have been reinstated, and I hope to continue making more of them. In case you don't know what they are, this article should help clear that up! These blazons, as they're called, are for the in realm descriptions(Coat of Arms) of different characters. I really enjoy designing the textual and visual representations of the heraldry. If you want to know more about how to get one created, contact me in game!

Updating/adding code

I decided to add some of the only available public code I have, back to the site. This will be mainly specific items related to gaming, (MUDs) or other small code snippets. Most of the other code I work on daily, is obviously not up for sharing! (This includes some items at GitHub, and Bitbucket.) All in all, I do hope to be able to show off real world coding examples in the near future. Enjoy.

Spammy new year

Spammers decided to try and abuse my contact form. Of course they would; so I disabled that contact method for the time being. Going to work on a more secure contact form as well as putting up some additional code content and interest in the above section. Hopefully the additional content will help to spur conversation and requests.

Winter Solstice '12

So. Solstice 2012 and we're all still here. I think some congratulations are in order. Look at all the stuff that has survived the apocalypse; people, plants, and penguins alike. On that subject, it seems the Mayans failed to accound for the dissapearence of the world wide web. This should come as no surprise of course, but I'm sure it must have taken a lot of skill and insight for developers to account for and overcome this tragedy! I for one, am thrilled to be able to design and build web sites with Apocalypse Prevention Techniques,which includes, but is not limited to, simply not believing in such religious idealogies. See you next apocalypse.

An updated site

Beginning a new style and direction with the website. More content to be added, but for now just streamlining or removing the MUD game related items that've been cluttering up the site.

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